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Get to know your terpenes with our TERPENE OF THE WEEK!

This week we are focusing on Pinene!       


PINENE has a pine-sol, evergreen tree smell and flavor.

Pinene easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and promotes alertness and memory retention. Pinene is also a bronchodilator which improves the lungs ability to breath in air. Pinene has been said to give a feeling of well-being to the consumer.


Example Strains: Jack Herer, Holy Grail Kush, OG Kush


At your local Herbal Choices dispensary we currently carry Jack Frost and OG Kush flower both containing the Pinene terpene. If you are looking for Pinene in a concentrate, Herbal Choices currently has Northern Lights, Boss OG, LA Confidential and J1 Select cartridges, which all contain Pinene. Stop on in to Herbal Choices and ask your budtender about products with Pinene. Smells are always free! Best aromatherapy in town!



  • Dana Gehrman



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