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At Herbal Choices, we offer a holistic alternative to western medicine. It has been said that cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy and the most useful plant on earth. No other single plant contains as wide a range of medically active herbal constituents.

Thank you Coos County for making us your top choice for your Medical & Retail Cannabis needs!

Latest News

Elevation Gain: Leafly’s Guide To The 10 Best High Hikes In Oregon

By Hannah Meadows Nestled between California’s sun-soaked beaches and Washington’s famous Seattle skyline lies one of America’s most beautiful gems: the state of Oregon. Punctuated with coastal cliffs, verdant countryside, lush valleys, and towering mountains, Oregon offers the best of the best when it comes to trails, hikes, and all…

How To Find The Best Cannabis Experience And High For You

Access to legal cannabis is now available to more people than ever before, and with that access come options and opportunity. Navigating the vast array of strains, products, and consumption methods that legal markets are offering today can be a dizzying ordeal, as there isn’t a “one size fits all” cannabis experience that’s right…

Defying Stoner Stereotypes: 10 High Time Activities You Can Do To Break The Mold

By HT Sponsor  July 06, 2017 Sponsored by DopeBoo       PHOTO BY DAN SKYE The marijuana industry has grown into its own these last few years, and we’re—sniff sniff—so proud! It’s no surprise that one of the most pivotal factors in bringing pot from counterculture to mainstream has been the shattering of dated stoner stereotypes….

Best Cannabis Strains for Sparking Creativity

By Bailey Rahn Cannabis has long been a companion for creative minds. It has a way of expanding the imagination, enabling access to new thoughts, concepts, and ideas. For many of us, cannabis adds color to our world and allows us to appreciate small nuances that are normally filtered out…

What Is Dabbing And How Do Dabs Work

Originally from: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/is-dabbing-good-or-bad-or-both By Rachel Chambers   If you’re involved with cannabis at all, whether recreationally, medically, or from a business standpoint, then you either know about or have probably heard of “dabbing.” Smoking dabs as a method of consumption has been around for at least a decade, but the advent…

What Are The Best Cannabis Strains for Anxiety?

Originally from: leafly.com by BAILEY RAHN The relationship between cannabis and anxiety is a complicated one. For some, a small puff of cannabis provides unrivaled relief of worry, panic, stress, and other anxiety-related symptoms. Unfortunately others experience heightened paranoia and exacerbated anxiety with marijuana. This common reaction can be attributed…

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